What is this website?
This website allows people without phone to register in websites, social platforms and Apps that require you to receive a SMS.
You are now in the FAQ page.

How does it work?
Click here for more information and instructions on how to use this website.

Is this service free?
We provide the service for free, no registration needed.

Do I need a phone to receive a SMS?
No, you only need a web browser, for instance, this one. In addition, as stated in this FAQ, there is no registration.

How often do you add new numbers?
We try to add numbers every week and reduce the probability that your service is already register on that number.

How long do the numbers last?
Depends on several factors therefore numbers last between 60 and 90 days.

I can’t find the number I used before. What happened?
If the number received too many SMS or got blacklisted we discard it and replace with a new number. If you need a private number please CONTACT US.

Do you block anything?
Nothing is blocked. But we reserve the right to delete Illegal, abusive or any other SMS we find breaking our Terms of Use.

Do you share our data?
I only keep and share the data needed to run the website and the ads.

Do you offer private number?
We’re here to help and answer any question you might have. Please click here and send us an email.

Do you offer voice call recording?
Voice call is work in progress. We expect to have it working so check back this FAQ soon.

I have a question/suggestion/complaint. How can I contact you?
We look forward to hearing from you! Therefore click here.

How can I receive notification on new numbers and features?
Like our page on facebook to receive the notifications!

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